1.2m Agroprotectors £ 1.50 (inc. VAT, £ 1.25 exc. VAT)

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This very popular solid tube is a cheaper alternative to the Tubex Standard. As well as protecting the tree from browsing by wildlife, the shelter creates a microclimate which helps the tree establish quicker, resulting in higher survival rates in your planting scheme. The tube also promotes higher air moisture within the tube, meaning the tree has a higher chance of survival in drought conditions. The solid wall will also protect the tree from sprayed herbicides. Use a 1.2m tube if you have deer on site, while a 0.6m tube is designed for rabbit protection. The Agroprotectors requires a stake to secure it. We stock 1.35m larch stakes for a 1.2m tube, and a 0.75m stake for a 0.6m tube.

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