Tree Accessories

"Make sure your trees are suitably protected so they establish quickly"

In order to ensure that your newly planted trees establish rapidly it is often necessary to protect them during their first years.

Three main factors are responsible for slow establishment or mortality in young trees:

Weeds ‐ Vegetation directly around a newly planted tree competes for water and nutrients. An appropriate herbicide should be applied around the base of the tree to maintain a weed free area between 60cm and 1m around each planting site. One spring and one summer application of herbicide are generally sufficient to control weeds although mechanical clearance of larger weed species may also be required.

Wildlife ‐ Christie-Elite offer a range of products to protect trees from damage caused by browsing mammals including deer, hare, rabbit and voles. Protective tubes, net-guards, spirals and vole guards are manufactured from biodegradable, recycled polypropylene and create a perfect micro-climate for trees resulting in faster growth. Guards provide a protective barrier to herbicides making maintenance easier.

Weevils ‐ Damage to young trees by the pine weevil (Hylobius abietis) is responsible for large scale loss of plants particularly when re-planting felled woodland. Christie-Elite have the facility to treat plants on request using an electrodyne machine before they leave the nursery. This specialised machine imparts an electrical charge to tree and chemical causing them to attract a create a strong and lasting bond. Electrodyne treatment provides 12 months protection from weevil and can be supplemented by top-up spraying as required.

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"Fully coated, slow release granular fertiliser for forest trees"

Nutreelite fertiliser now comes in 1kg bags for ease of use on planting sites. Apply 10g per tree direct into the planting hole - 1kg = 100 trees.

Fully coated NPK fertiliser for forest trees. Safe for root contact and designed to aid rapid establishment, providing controlled release for the first 8 months.

Complete nutrition with added phosphate to stimulate root growth and magnesium to enhance photosynthesis & plant energy.


Total Nitrogen (N)


nitrate nitrogen (N03-N)
ammoniacal nitrogen (NH4-N)


Phosphorous pentoxide


water soluable


Potassium oxide (K20)
Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Sulphur Trioxide (SO3)

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