Cell-Grown Trees or Bare-Root Trees?

Bare-Root Cell-Grown
Grown outside in field beds Grown in covered polytunnels
Supplied as 1-3 year old transplants, or seedling undercuts Supplied as a 1 or 2 year old plants
Most species available in 20-40cm or 40-60cm sizes Most species available in 20-40cm or 40-60cm sizes
Supplied dormant with their roots bare (exposed) Supplied with a fully developed root system containted within a compost plug, or cell
Available November - May only Available all year
Lighter, easier to handle and transport Heavier to handle and more expensive to transport (due to bulk and weight of soil)
Cheaper to buy and easy to handle, must be handled carefully More expensive to buy, resistant to handling 
Can only be planted whilst dormant (without leaves) Can be planted all year round (best planted in September)
Kept dormant in cold-store and supplied in special two-tone bags to eliminate light Supplied in plastic wrapped packs, boxed for larger numbers
100-400 plants per bag 12-15 plants per pack
Will survive a short time (1-2 weeks) before planting if kept moist & cool in the bag Will survive for long periods before planting provided soil is kept moist